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This is a story about what happens to the Malory Towers girls after Malory Towers. 
I could not claim to be a huge fan of those books, but I read Enid Blyton as a child, and before writing this story, I read the Malory Towers series again.   
I wanted to write a story which was respectful of Enid Blyton's work, but was not entirely reverential. A pastiche which challenges the themes of those original stories.
The story is written, but I thought I would post each chapter on its own, so the blog is a little easier to navigate. This way, I can also tell whether anyone is interested in what happens in the end. 
Kieran Wyatt
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Chapter Five

Darrell Goes to the Football
Over the next two weeks, the four girls settled into a steady routine of tutorials and study sessions in the library, followed by walks on the beach and reading in the living room by the fire. One Sunday, after breakfast, Darrell, Sally, and Mildred went for a walk together on the beach and found that hidden cove. It had started to rain, but the girls had promised to each other that they would explore the cove another day.  It had been a drizzly start to the year; Darrell hadn’t had a chance to sit on her balcony with one of her books from the library or even take the long walks she was used to.  It was not unusual for Darrell to slump out of her bedroom in the morning to discover Sally and Mildred laughing in the living room, stretched out on the scratchy settee. They had taken to playing games for two, like chess or dominoes. Darrell did not realise it, but whenever she saw Sally and Mildred together, in their own bubble, it niggled her, so when she bumped …

Chapter Four

Sally and Mildred Play Chess
‘You have a letter from Felicity,’ Sally said, walking into Darrell’s bedroom and handing her the manila envelope.  ‘Have you opened it?’  ‘Of course not,’ Sally replied.  ‘How do you know it’s from Felicity, then?’  ‘Who else would be sending you letters?’ Sally had a point, but Darrell didn’t like to admit it. ‘Also, it’s from Cornwall, see.’  Darrell noted the frosty silence in the room, but she did nothing to dispel it, in point of fact, she rather enjoyed it, for some strange reason.  Sally said something about liking Darrell’s room more than her own. Darrell agreed. She had nabbed the best room out of the four bedrooms the girls shared on their floor. Darrell’s room had a stone balcony. She hadn’t stepped out onto it yet. Through some vague reasoning, she had decided that it might be good to save the balcony for a special occasion. It may prove a useful thinking space. The balcony allowed a good view of the street, which twisted and turned like ancient stre…

Chapter Three

Darrell Goes for a Swim 
They played classical music through the gramophone speaker in the baths, but on Saturdays they played songs. When Darrell had gone to the baths on a Saturday, last year, she had found she had had an utterly dissatisfactory swim. She had decided that she would swim on Mondays and Thursdays this academic year. Darrell liked routine and exercise. 
She had spent the weekend stuck in her new rooms with Sally and the two new girls, Mildred, and Mildred’s schoolfriend Samantha. It was good to swim. It gave her time to think. It seemed that Mildred was a rather slow girl with a round face, and Samantha hadn’t said much at all, but she seemed rather sickly. Darrell tried not to make her mind on people after a first meeting, because her impressions of people at Malory Towers had often been misguided. She could not see herself spending time with Mildred or Samantha. They were not her type of girls. She wanted this year to be like the last, even if her first year at St. And…

Chapter Two

Sally Plaits Her Hair 
‘I felt like it today. Is that fine, or did I need Darrell Rivers’ permission to plait my hair?’ 
Darrell said nothing else about her hair. 
‘Are you almost done?’
Darrell was packing the last of her things. She always left packing to the last minute. It was one of the things she hated most. She stuffed her yellow dress into her suitcase and turned to Sally. She gave a determined nod to Sally, who stood in the doorway, and said, ‘Done.’  Sally smiled. 
They went downstairs to find Aunt Mary already in the hallway putting on her driving gloves and duffel coat.  ‘You girls look smart,’ she said, as she ushered them out of the house.  Sally and her aunt got into the car, but Darrell lingered for a moment, and took one last look at the house. It had been her retreat for the past two weeks, and although her thoughts had not always been pleasant, and she had more than once thought about John, it had been a good place to stay. She was sad to say goodbye to Aunt Mary’s house. F…

Chapter One

On the Cliff Edge 
It was a long way down for Darrell Rivers.  She peered over the cliff edge. It may have frightened her once to stand here, but now it meant nothing to her. She imagined losing her footing. She imagined tripping over the cliff edge. She had not told Sally where she was going. It had become her routine to slip out of the house at dawn and walk aimlessly. Darrell had half a mind to take one more step. ‘Maybe my mangled body will be found later today, or tomorrow.’ She imagined Sally’s reaction to finding her flattened body. ‘She’d be heartbroken,’ Darrell thought, lightly scratching her arm. ‘I would think a lot more people at St. Andrews wouldn’t give a jot, whether I lived or died.’ Darrell took another step forward. She was testing herself. She practiced her breathing. ‘Perhaps I would lose consciousness during the fall.’  ‘Darrell!’  She turned around to see Sally Hope with a shocked expression on her face. Sally ran to her side. They stood together on the cliff edge. …